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HI-TECH Rib-Type/Long Span Paint Roller

Hitech Rib Type Roof Roller - Another job specific innovation, Trapezoid notch paint the peaks of Long Span / Rib-Type Roofs, addressing how we paint roofs in a more efficient and less time consuming fashion. 7" long water and oil base resistant foam corrugated roller, slides in between peaks and valleys. Paints roof in no time at all.


Painting on the top of buildings, warehouses, and homes can be done faster,safer,and more economical with the right tools.

Best with Hitech Extension Pole and Cage Handle 7", The Hitech Rib Type Roof Roller, Can paint roof faster and safer. 

With painters exposed to the elements, The Baking Hot Sun and Strong Winds There is just a few hours in the morning and in the afternoon, where it is safe to paint, with a lower the risk of heat stroke.

Just a few steps, Pour Paint, and Roll using a extension pole. Best when peaks and plains are painted one after the other in tandem, Peak are painted with the concavity of the Rib Type Roof Roller set near the handle to delivery more pressure, and the plain are painter right after with a Rib Type Roller. Cutting painting time from months to just a few days. Minimizing the risk of lost working hours due to weather and paint wash due to rain after painting.  

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