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Boracs ™ Pallet Racking

We are here to provide Warehouse SOLUTIONS. We are not here just to sell you steel racking, but find the most cost effective and suitable for you.

We provide standard expandable,movable warehouse solution and material handling knowledge 

Boracs ™ Selective Racking

Please contact us for more information. We can quote you for free.

Boracs ™ Selective Racking Converted to Multi-Level Mezzanine


 Flat Pack Stair Case


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Boracs ™ Drive In Racks

Drive-in Pallet Rack offers very dense storage. It takes maximum advantage of any available space in the warehouse and increase space utilisation up to 80% compared to Selective Pallet Racking. The system consists of many storage aisles. Pallets are stored inside each aisles in "first-in-last-out" manner. Aisles may construct as drive-through for "first-in-first-out" storage sequence known as Drive-through Pallet Racking.

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